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About Kerr Landscaping - Montgomery County & Frederick, MD

Kerr Landscaping LC was founded on integrity, respect, and giving our customers the best quality landscaping that fits their budget. We are passionate about giving our customer the kind of landscaping results they envisioned and that is why we go the extra mile to be sure that our customers are 100% satisfied everytime we come to service their lawn, flower beds or water features.

Bryan Kerr has reputation for working hard and achieving even back in high school. As senior in high school he was recognized by the county/state for his entrepreneurship. He also obtained Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts.

Kerr Landscaping got its start because Bryan Kerr was the neighborhood boy that cut everyone’s grass and this grew quickly into a thriving business. Soon, he realized he had a nice little business that was continuing to grow every year with more customers and the need for even more equipment.

In 2001 Bryan Kerr started Kerr Landscaping, LC allowing him to continue to grow and form a true business. We continued to mow lawns for a number of years, until we decided in order to really grow our business we needed to become a full service landscaping business that provided additional general landscaping services including: mulching, building retaining walls, sidewalks/walkways, and installing low-voltage lighting for landscape lighting effects. To obtain this goal, we have been attending classes and getting the best education in the industry for not only Bryan Kerr, but also our foreman so we are able to share our education with all of Kerr Landscaping's employees.

We have become certified Interlocking concrete pavement installers (ICPI), National Concrete Masonry Association installers (NCMA) and Vista lighting installers. ICPI and NCMA regulate the industry for pavers and wall blocks from the manufacturers all the way down to a company my size that installs them.

Now we have added ponds and water features to our extensive landscaping skills since 2008. We are staying on top of the latest designs by attending Aquascapes training events, which helps us to continue to improve our pond/water feature designs. We keep growing and learning so that you can have the benefits of our expertise at affordable pricing.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. It would be our pleasure to visit your home to discuss all of your landscaping wants and needs that you so desire for your home.

Kerr Landscaping serves Montgomery County, MD, Frederick, Howard & Carroll Counties, Maryland.



Bedding Planting
Leaf Removal
Edging & Weeding
Planting trees and shrubs
Trimming trees and bushes

Stone walkways & pathways
Retaining walls

Ponds & Water Features

Landscape Lighting
Entry Lighting
Step Lighting
Pathway Lighting
Patio & Pool Lighting
Water Feature Lighting
Accent Lighting

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